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Activities of daily living (ADLs) are activities required to take care of yourself. Health professionals and providers evaluate a person’s ability to perform ADLs as a measure of their functional status, especially people with disabilities or the elderly. There are two main categories: Basic ADLs and Instrumental ADLs.

 Basic ADLs consist of self-care tasks, such as:

Personal Hygiene (Washing, Grooming)
Feeding (Not including cooking, chewing or swallowing)
Transferring (Getting in/out of bed or chair)
Mobility (Ability to walk)

 Instrumental ADLs (IADLs) are advanced functions that allow an individual to live independently, such as:

Preparing meals
Taking medications
Managing finances
Shopping for groceries, household items or clothing
Communication via telephone or other device

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Is CareForce licensed in the State of Idaho?

No. The state of Idaho does not require non-medical, in-home care agencies to be licensed. Home Health Agencies providing skilled nursing or certified nursing services are licensed. In the future, CareForce may decide to offer services and will apply for a license at that time. For additional information, visit Idaho’s Health and Welfare website.

Do your caregivers complete a background check?

The state of Idaho does not require In-home care or Personal Care Service caregivers to complete a background check. However, CareForce does require all employees to complete a background check. Our investigation will review:

  • Criminal Record History
  • Driving Records
  • Child Abuse Registry
  • Adult Protection Registry
  • Sex Offender Registery
  • Nurse Aide Registry